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Your challenge - our (learning-)solution



“Every advance, every achievement of mankind, has been connected with an advance in self awareness.“

- Dr. Carl G. Jung








Developing people and retaining talent

Development starts with the individual. At the start of our tailor-made learning programs it’s of most importance to understand yourself and the impact you have on others. Read more about Personal Effectiveness!

Effective team work

When talking about teamwork, we’re talking about the interaction between individuals within a group. Insight’s main focus is the effectiveness of interpersonal relations, as this greatly influences the team’s goals and performance. Read more about Team Effectiveness!

Lead different people successfully

The successful leader knows himself best, and is perfectly capable to approach various types of employees. The 8 dimensions of leadership, which are linked to the models for personal effectiveness, provide leaders with a sustainable performance improvement in their activities. Read more about Transformational Leadership!

Unterstanding clients - the key to success

The best sales people are not those who talk most and speak most eloquently; it’s the one who is able to listen and understand a client’s real needs. Insights enables people to better understand themselves and provides a client typology based sales approach for the 6 stages of a sales process. Read more about Sales Effectiveness!